Arthur Neilson

"I am very happy with these Titanium saddles. I first tried them out on my Les Paul Custom. It gave the guitar more definition and presence. The neck humbucker was less muddy sounding, and the bridge humbucker was less harsh. I then tried the KTS bridge on my Les Paul Sunburst Standard. (I had overwound pickups on this guitar because it originally had a weak or generic sound to it) When I put the KTS bridge on it, the guitar came alive. I have since reinstalled the lower output PAF style pickups I had it in it before, (they was no need for the overwound pickups anymore) and I have not stopped playing it! Again I could hear the clarity in the neck humbucker and no harshness in the bridge humbucker. The guitar reacts more to how hard or soft I pick. More touch sensitive, Now the only problem I have, is that my LP Custom doesn't sound as good anymore! I would love to outfit all my ABR bridge (Gibson) guitars with the Titanium Saddles, it's a great improvement in tone. "

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