KTS gives my 1970 Fender P-bass    "T n T"    [aka Tone and Tuning]
The Titanium Saddles gives me Sustain and Harmonic Balance for a Warm Vintage Tone along with Perfect Intonation for Perfect Tuning
My Wallet is also very Happy- No string breakage at the Bridge Saddle
So much longer String Life. -Kirk YANO

Photo by Arnie Goodman

Kirk YANO is a multiple Grammy-winning recording engineer with several Platinum and Gold RIAA Awards , Kirk has worked with everyone from Public Enemy, Mariah Carey to Miles Davis and Phoebe Snow, Kirk has toured as a musician with Snow, Savoy Brown, Scott Holt and Texas Scratch and is inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame for Master Recording Engineer and Master Blues Artist.

Don Felder (Guitarist formally with The Eagles)

"Ifve found a remarkable tone improvement with the KTS bridge saddles. They dramatically increase sustain and clarity on all my Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters. I also havenft broken a single string on the guitars that have these bridge saddles. Ifm putting them on all my guitars at this time. Theyfre GREAT!!!!!" -Don Felder

Don Felder Website >>>

Jon Herington is the veteran touring and recording guitarist for the iconic band Steely Dan, and the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the New York City based Jon Herington Band.

"My Gibson CS336, a guitar I've always loved for it's full range, bright, responsive tone, sounded obviously better once I installed the KTS titanium saddles - instantly I heard more "air" in the sound - it sounded lighter and more acoustically alive, even without plugging it in. All in all a significant improvement." - Jon Herington

Jon Herington Website >>>


John Jorgenson (a founding member of the Desert Rose Band, the Hellecasters, and six-year member of Elton John's band. Artists ranging from Barbara Streisand to Bonnie Raitt to Earl Scruggs have sought out Jorgenson's guitar work. Recently, John was chosen to portray Django Reinhardt in the feature film Head in the Clouds)

"I put it on my Epiphone Supernova that I was cleaning up after the flood got it, and it sounds great! I can really tell the difference in tone from the old bridge that was on there. You can see a video of me singing the Beatles' "Wait" on Youtube using that guitar for rhythm." - John Jorgenson

John Jorgenson Website >>>

Photo: Alan Messer

Chris Duarte (Solo Artist)

"The bridge saddles are working out great! I can still hear the difference in the brightness and rich overtones with the Titanium saddles. Strings are not breaking either. Usually I always break some after long nights of playing but none so far. Really happy with the way the saddles are responding." -Chris Duarte

Chris Duarte Website >>>

Scott Lentz (Builder of spectacular electric guitars)

"TI saddles offer me the clarity and tone that is necessary to deliver guitars that consistently exceed expectations. If quality is what you're after... look no further than TI." |Scott Lentz

Scott Lentz Website >>>

Angus Clark (Guitarist working with New Age artist Kitaro, as well as with the hard rock acts Drill and Naked Sun, and is currently touring with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

"I put a set of PR-11s on my Fender '62 reissue and the difference in tone was subtle at first but over time I have found that I have starting favoring that guitar in many more situations than I had previously. The tone is bigger, more defined, and I feel like the tone of the strings is translating more directly to the amp. The KTS saddles are like a secret weapon!" -Angus Clark

Angus Clark Website >>>


Tom Anderson (Guitarist and founder of world renound Tom Anderson Guitarworks)

"I have the KTS PR-17 saddles on my personal guitars and love what they do the clarity of the guitar. in particular, the plain strings have an angelic sweetness to them." -Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson Guitarworks >>>

paul crook

Paul Crook (Session guitarist currently recording and performing with Meat Loaf. He has also recorded and toured with Anthrax, Sebastian Bach and Marya Roxx)

"I can't believe the difference... The tone upgrade is instantly audible even without plugging my guitar into an amp! Sustain and clarity is vastly improved. Thank you KTS!!!" -Paul Crook

Paul Crook Website >>>


Stephen Marchione (American guitarist and owner of Marchione Guitars)

"I use KTS saddles to bring out more fat rich tone from my guitars. They help any fine instrument ring and sing without an unnecessary bling!" -Stephen Marchione

Marchione Guitars Website >>>


Bob DeVos (High Note/Savant recording artist and award winning composer Bob DeVos has played with a whofs who of jazz legends both in and outside of the Hammond B3 organ genre, including Richard gGrooveh Holmes-Sonny Stitt, Jimmy McGriff-Hank-Crawford, and The Charles Earland Band with Eric Alexander, as well as many modern players. He plays internationally with his own Hammond B3 trio as well as a guest artist in many other settings)

"I like these titanium saddles, I've been using them on my Rob Engel guitar for a couple of months now. I was afraid to change the saddles because the guitar sounded great as it was but it is even better. It seems to have a clearer, more focused sound to me. Great product." -Bob DeVos

Bob DeVos Website >>>

Shane Theriot (recorded and/or performed with The Neville Brothers, LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Boz Scaggs, John Waite, Idris Mohammed, Leni Stern, Dr. John, Sam Moore, Nick Nolte, Shannon McNally,  Aaron Neville, The SYN (with Chris Squire and Alan White from YES), Little Feat, Forest Whitaker, Harry Shearer and Madeleine Peyroux)

"Upgrading my guitars with KTS saddles has made a HUGE improvement in my sound. It allows me the freedom to not worry about things like sustain and intonation so I can just focus on playing music- you can feel the quality as well as hear it. I highly recommend this product!" -Shane Theriot

Shane Theriot Website >>>


Dennis Ralph (Session guitarist and member of Five Fathoms Deep)

"I have to be honest about this. At first I didn't become interested in KTS products because of there total qualities they give but purely for cosmetic looks for my strat. My strat has a 2 point modern tremolo on it which is really good especially because of the pop in arm however I hated the block saddles. Unfortunately the saddles were offset which meant you couldn't just buy vintage looking ones that would fit the bridge. I then found KTS who was selling vintage looking saddles but with offset screws. It was then when I read about these titanium saddles and how they help the tone and sustain of your guitar. I became desperate to try them out.

Before I put my new saddles on my guitar I decided to record a strum of A minor for a before and after comparison. Once I had recorded using the old saddles I set to putting on my new KTS ones. Setting up the intonation using these saddles was the easiest set up i've ever done. I re-strung the guitar using the same strings I did for the first test and then started to play. I could instantly hear a difference. Notes became brighter and clearer as well as an increase in sustain. I then recorded using my new saddles and as you can see, there is much more sustain. They sound fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone, whether its for cosmetics or for better sound. You wont be disappointed." -Dennis Ralph


Five Fathoms Deep on MySpace >>>


Corrado Carpinteri of CQuadro Guitar Works (Expert guitar builder in Italy)

"I mounted a set of KTS saddles on my Maestro model. It's incredible how such a small detail improves radically the tone of an instrument. Now my guitar sounds better. It's more clear, every note is perfectly defined when you play chords and sustain is drastically enhanced. KTS' saddles are also perfectly machined with all the edges extremely neat, this prevents premature string breakage and simplifies the installation. I'm very happy with KTS products and I recommend them" -Corrado Carpinteri 

CQuadro Guitar Works website >>>


Marchione Guitars (exquisite guitar manufacturer)

"KTS Titanium saddles are a simple way to significantly improve the tone of your guitar. I really like your product and plan to use more KTS saddles for my next batch of Marchione Semi-Hollow Body guitars." -Stephen Marchione

Marchione Guitars Website >>>


David Hinds (Lead Guitarist in the Bounty Hunters and Godin Guitars Endorsee & Clinician)

"I have installed KTS Titanium bridge saddles on my Godin Velocity and Progression (PR-17), my Tom Anderson Classic and Hollow T Classic (PR-17) and my f87 Fender Strat Plus (PR-15). In every case the KTS Titanium saddles have vastly improved the tone, sustain, intonation and balance of these great guitars. I refer to the difference they make as being eHi Fif, that is, they bring out the maximum tone of the guitar | itfs as if a blanket has been lifted off the sound.

The treble frequencies are sweet, clear and warm, with no harshness or eice pickf brittleness. The mids are full and warm and clearly defined, and the bottom end is tight and articulate.
Intonation is spot on accurate, and you can actually see this on a tuner where the needle stays still with no wobble. Sustain is improved as well, as is string to string balance and definition, with every note in a chord ringing clearly and well defined.

I would thoroughly recommend KTS Titanium saddles to anyone wanting to make a vast improvement to their guitarfs tone, and as it is a totally non-invasive upgrade, it is perfect for vintage instruments as well." - David Hinds


Jodee Frawlee (Top ten finalist in Guitar Player Magazines "Guitar Player Superstar 2010)

"As soon as i changed to the titanium blocks I noticed my guitar even acoustically is more alive sounding !!!! Then when i plug in i get more sustain than with the old blocks. Not only that, I am having a much easier time changing strings. With a Floyd Rose trem the regular blocks always get stuck & I have to pry them back ... The titanium slide back very easily making changing strings effortless. GREAT PRODUCT KTS!!! THANK YOU!!" -Jodee Frawlee

Jodee Frawlee on Facebook >>>


Krzysztof Wolinski (Polish guitarist extraordinaire)

I've looked for saddles like KTSf for a long time. Strong titanium material plus acoustic characteristic give my guitar new dimension. KTS saddles work perfect with my ABR-1 bridge with rosewood base. I have all what I need: great sustain, clarity and excellent intonation.
Thank You KTS. -Krzysztof Wolinski

Demo with KTS' saddles on a Tele >>>

Krzysztof Wolinski mp3 demo with KTS's saddles >>>

Krzysztof Wolinski on the web >>>


Aubrey Singer (Los Angeles based session guitarist)

The devil really is in the details. In fact, there are no truer words when it comes to getting more tone from your guitar, and KTS Titanium saddles are proof. More often than not, we spend our time weighing the tonal benefits of all the big stuff: maple versus rosewood, Duncan versus Dimarzio, active versus passive and so on. Rarely do we actually worry about the quality of the metal. Metal is metal, right? As it turns out, hardly.

And KTS knows this all too well. So when I had the chance to swap out my stainless steel saddles for some KTS Titanium saddles, I thought, why not? I hardly expected the tonal difference that I was about to hear. These little babies literally gave me an extra 2 db boost, I swear. Even without plugging in my guitar, I could hear the difference in volume right off the bat. And it didnft make sense, either. These saddles barely weigh a thing. Doesnft weight equate sustain? Isnft that why Les Pauls are supposedly gbeefierhthan Strats? Well, not exactly. In the world of nano-particles, density is what matters, not weight. And titanium is the densest metal on earth. It was only a matter of time before someone realized that this could translate into sonic gold for guitar players.

So how can something so small make such a big difference? Well, you need an electron-powered microscope to really understand whatfs a play. In a nutshell, the same principal that applies to wood also applies when it comes to choosing your metal -- only itfs far more critical at the bridge stage. Why? Because the cheaper (more porous) the metal, the more volume and tone you lose even before the wood has a chance to resonate or the pickup has a chance to actually pick anything up. With KTS Titanium saddles, the sound stays on the strings, allowing the wood and pickups to really do their job. Itfs pretty simple, really. And if you play with a vibrato system, a titanium block is the real bomb, with even more tonal difference. If the difference is this demonstrable compared to a good Fender, stainless steel block, youfll be even happier if you play something cheaper.

When you buy a cheap Strat, for example, the first dead giveaway of low quality isnft necessarily the electronics. The innards of my expensive Japanese Strat are identical to my MIM Strat which is the same as my Squier Strat. No, the first place they cheap out is the metal. All cheap Chinese guitars share one trademark: crap bridges made of cheap alloy. The tone block is hardly a block. And just because the saddles look nice and shiny, they are major tone suckers. So the next step up is to swap these parts out for stainless steel. Youfll notice a tone difference immediately. Especially with a bigger block. But my suggestion, is to skip this interim step, and go straight to the top - with KTS Titanium parts.

Granted, I canft say these parts are for those folks who are novices or just learning how to play. These are parts for gtone chasers.h They are an investment in all the time youfve put into your chops, and therefs no better way to replay yourself than by going with titanium on those guitars you love, regardless of how much they cost. For me, it means deciding which guitars I really want to put the extra effort into. It canft be all of them; I have 23, all with vibratos. And Ifm about to build a custom Strat, from the ground up, for a lucky 24. You can bet that Ifll be outfitting it with KTS Titanium parts wherever possible. My ears can hardly wait. And thatfs a big thing. -Aubrey Singer


Robbie Calvo (Truefire Instructor / Clinician)

"I 've been playing 2 teles that are my slide guitars. 1 of them has brass saddles and the other one is loaded with the KTS Titanium saddles. The difference between the two is amazing. the titanium saddles have a lot more clarity and sustain but don't sound harsh at all, just clearer. Definitely a cool element in a live situation where you need the definition and cut. The KTS Titanium saddles added a wonderfully clean, defined sustain to my tone...Love them! - Robbie Calvo

Robbie Calvo Website >>>


Rik Mercaldi (guitarist, singer songwriter, solo artist)

"I immediately noticed an increase in sustain, and a more even response and clarity across the strings. Harmonics seem to jump out more when using higher gain settings, as well. I have to admit, I was actually a bit surprised with the improvement it made to an already good guitar that I've had for almost 30 years, but I'm sold." -Rik Mercaldi

Rik Mercaldi Website >>>


Bacorn Guitars (Maker of beatiful handcrafted instruments in N.Y.)

"First, I need to say I'm a bit jaded regarding "enhancements" for tone and was a bit reluctant to even put these on my personal Frankenstein tele. It's set up with a Barden bridge pu and a vintage Gibson minihumbucker. It has the cheap steel modified cutaway Fender bridge with cheaper still steel saddles that I simply bent the adjusting screws to achieve proper intonation. Having said that, I'm definitely from the "less is more" school of guitar building, preferring the simple stop tailpiece/bridge that Gibson used on their early electric instruments as well as the 3 pc. saddle Tele bridges. If you want a Telecaster to sound like a Telecaster, this is the only way go IMHO.

I spent about 15 minutes installing and adjusting string height and intonation and tuned it up to pitch. Still somewhat dubious as to any real difference until I plugged into my favorite amp ( a Fender Champ that I gutted and used as a platform for a 40 watt 6L6 based Deluxe Reverb based monster in a box complete with my all time favorite speaker, a vintage Chicago Jensen C10N that was originally used as an midrange organ speaker.

I set the amp at 3 and began to play. I immediately sensed a difference in note separation in the chords and a snap that wasn't there before in the single notes and string bends. WOW! I actually had to turn down the treble a bit to accommodate this new set up. I don't know many guitar players that would say it's a bad thing when you have to readjust your treble tone control downward to get the sound you're looking for. Sustain and sparkle like I've never heard from this new setup. I'm a retro/alt. country player and I can't wait for my next band rehearsal to put this to real use. By the way, the only way you'll get these back is to pry them from my dead, grasping hands!! Don't even think about it!
Very impressed and thankful for the opportunity to try something that really "does what it says and says what it does" for a change!!" -Roger Bacorn

Bacorn Guitars Website >>>


Casper Guitar Technologies (Florida based guitar builder, building some of the finest hand-crafted guitars available)

"I installed the KTS Saddles in both of my Teles just to get a solid comparison due to the different tonewoods and found the same results:

  • Simple installation
  • Increased sustain as advertised
  • Enhanced tone
  • Enhanced response
  • Natural feeling resonance
  • Well machined
  • Matched existing hardware - Big Plus" -Steve Casper

Casper Guitar Technologies Website >>>


Arthur Neilson (Solo artist and guitarist for Shemekia Copeland)

"I am very happy with these Titanium saddles. I first tried them out on my Les Paul Custom. It gave the guitar more definition and presence. The neck humbucker was less muddy sounding, and the bridge humbucker was less harsh. I then tried the KTS bridge on my Les Paul Sunburst Standard. (I had overwound pickups on this guitar because it originally had a weak or generic sound to it) When I put the KTS bridge on it, the guitar came alive. I have since reinstalled the lower output PAF style pickups I had it in it before, (there was no need for the overwound pickups anymore) and I have not stopped playing it! Again I could hear the clarity in the neck humbucker and no harshness in the bridge humbucker. The guitar reacts more to how hard or soft I pick, more touch sensitive. I would love to outfit all my ABR bridge (Gibson) guitars with the titanium saddles, it's a great improvement in tone." -Arthur Neilson

Arthur Neilson Website >>>


Mike Stone (Former guitarist for Queensryche)

"If you are looking to take your tone to the next level, step up to KTS titanium saddles. These things ring louder than Big Ben. Fatter tone through the entire sonic spectrum-Wow!" -Mike Stone

Mike Stone on MySpace >>>


Vinnie Zummo (Producer and former guitarist for Joe Jackson)

"A great guitar sound is a combination of many small elements. The pick, wire, pickups...these are all important things but now I've learned that there is one more EXTREMELY important element....The bridge saddles. KTS saddles have really changed my sound and I consider myself lucky to have found them. A simple product that makes it easier to play music. What more could you ask for?" -Vinnie Zummo

Please check out Vinnie's album "Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America" at: CDBABY

And listen to KTS' saddles on Vinnie's new track "John Lennon" >>>

Vinnie Zummo on MySpace >>>


Alex Beyrodt (guitarist for Silent Force and Voodoo Circle, also working with DC Cooper (former Royal Hunt), Paul Shortino (Quiot Riot), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)

"Using the KTS PR-11 on my strat is giving me more overall tone and natural harmonics. The guitar sounds more alive.....has more to give. It made me to write 4 songs in 20 minutes right after I installed it on my strat, holy hell! Not only the guitar feels better and has more twang, it also inspires me and that is something I am always looking for....Inspiration. Thanks KTS!" -Alex Beyrodt

Alex Beyrodt on MySpace >>>


Angel Vivaldi (NY based solo artist, called "The Modern Joe Satriani" by the Aquarian Weekly)

"The sustain and natural harmonics that these simple little titanium inserts emit is uncanny. Not only do they sound great, but thanks their ultra-responsive characteristics I can shred at top speeds with less effort." -Angel Vivaldi

Angel Vivaldi on MySpace >>>


Knut Bausch (well respected luthier and tech in Germany, working with many great German guitarists such as Thomas Blug)

As a player: "Installing these parts is dramatic improvement for your instrument. You can hear it and you can even  feel it!!! Satisfaction guaranteed!"

As a tech: "These parts a built with passion.  Superb craftsmanship!"
-Knut Bausch


Thomas Blug (Professional German guitarist, known as the Strat-King in Europe)

"Das ist gut, besonders im mittleren Bereich klingt's waNrmer. Wenn das Produkt nicht gut ist, moNchte ich nicht daruNber kommentieren, aber KTS Bridge ist nicht in dem Fall. "
English: "This is great, especially the middle range sounds warmer. If the product is not good I don't want to comment on it but this KTS titanium bridge is not the case." -Thomas Blug


Ben Granfelt (Guitarist formally with Wishbone Ash)

"There has been a lot of hype about titanium parts etc. I didn't really pay any attention to it. Now I wish I would have done so earlier! I haven't yet broken a single string on my Strat and there definitely is a change in the tone for the better! I'm changing to KTS parts on my Les Pauls too!" -Ben Granfelt

Ben Granfelt Website >>>


George Terry (Session guitarist working with such artists as Eric Clapton)

gThe guitar would not have been top quality without your parts. The Titanium saddles were fantastic and I'm hoping to get some for myself since I used them on the custom Strath -George Terry

George Terry Website >>>

Michael Tobias (World renowned electric bass manufacturer)

"The most obvious difference is the way it feels in my hand. The titanium makes it seem more solid but much more alive. Sonically it is more even, and the response is quicker. The notes seem to jump off the board. it's a very interesting phenomenon." -Michael Tobias

MTD Official Website >>>

pat martino

Pat Martino (Solo artist and sideman playing with: Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Richard Groove Holmes, John Handy, Bobby Hutcherson, Chick Corea, Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, Stanley Clark, Eric Kloss, Trudy Pitts, Willis Jackson, Lloyd Price, Woody Herman, Chuck Israels, Charles Earland, Barry Miles and Joe Pesci)

"My first impressions are: Longer sustain, Greater accuracy, Intonation is sharper, Flexibility is greater without change. The most important advantage by the use of Titanium saddles is greater service from the instrument that is using it. It gives greater service, there is a closer relationship for the artists needs, sustain, intonation, etc." -Pat Martino

Pat Martino Official Website >>>

Kurlee (guitar tech for the guitarists in such bands as Lit, Zebrahead and The New York Dolls)

"After installing these saddles on an SG, I noticed a drastic increase in sustain, and when playing chords, every note rings with a new definition. The tone of the instrument is amplified and enhanced, but not fundamentally altered." -Kurlee

Allen Hinds

Allen Hinds (Solo Artist and session guitarist who has performed and/or recorded with jazz and R&B luminaries including Patti Austin, Mary J. Blige, Maya, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, BeBe and CeCe Winan, Randy Crawford, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, The Crusaders, Bobby Caldwell, James Ingram, Marilyn Scott, Eric Marienthal, Boney James, Marc Antoine, Gino Vannelli and many, many others)

"With titanium saddles notes are clearer, fatter, more defined. You hear more of everything. More attack, more of your fingers. Even my V.U. meter on my tuner was evidence. The needle just sat in one position after I installed these saddles. No fluttering like before. I even "pro-tooled" before and after installing the saddles. the high end was much thicker with a crisper attack. Any change takes a while to get used too if you are constantly searching for "THE" tone. Titanium parts are an evolution, not too far from tradition, that really make a difference." -Allen Hinds

Allen Hinds Official Website >>>

michael thomson

Michael Thomson (Session guitarist, working with such artists as Joe Cocker, Cher, Quincy Jones, Stanley Clarke, David Foster, Babyface amongst countless others)

"I have to say that I was a little bit skeptical about whether or not bridge saddles could make as much of difference as you say. But after hearing the difference in two guitars (a Fender '62 reissue Strat and a custom Don Grosch) I have to say it made a Big improvement in Tone and Sustain. I have already recommend these bridge saddles to some of my guitar friends. Eventually I would like to install these saddles in all my Strat type guitars. Thank a lot" -Michael Thomson

Michael Thompson Official Website >>>

Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten (Solo artists, session guitarists performing with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck)

"These Titanium bridge pieces are the BOMB!! Try them for yourself" -Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten Official Website >>>

Reb Beach

Reb Beach (Guitarist for such bands as Winger, Dokken, Whitsnake and Alice Cooper)

"I am SO sick of digging out cracked block with a screwdriver! It sounds like your Ti-Block is something that is going to make me happy for years! Thank you so much!" -Reb Beach

Reb Beach Official Website >>>

Johnny Rushmore (Solo artist, guitar builder)

"AWESOME ! It certainly does clear up the sound add sustain and brighten up the instruments tonal characteristics ! Fantastic ! The 1 piece guitars I build - no neck joint made of mahogany and Limba definitely benefit in their tonal properties by these great titanium saddles especially in the upper frequencies ! Wow ! It brought out the mids like you would not believe - you have to hear this to know the differences ! It brings out the midrange and shimmering highs that were not as apparent or focused before and is the perfect combination to my Rushmore guitar single cut design - you were right ! Anyone who wants a higher definition and more sustain would benefit from these KTS saddles and parts and please I need to get some more and truss rods too ! Thanks KTS you told me it would be better I was skeptical but not anymore but Hey , you already knew that your product was great ! Now Johnny Rushmore is proud to offer these on his single cut 1 piece no neck joint guitars ! You guys rock ! Thank you gentlemen - Your guitar builder and friend." -Johnny Rushmore

Rushmore Guitars Official Website >>>

chris juergensen

Chris Juergensen (Solo artist, LA session guitarist)

"I originally bought a set of titanium saddles for my 1960 Strat because I was tired of breaking strings every twenty minutes with the steel ones. What I didn't expect was the great tone I got from them. Much better clarity, definition and sustain without losing the original characteristics of the vintage guitar itself. They are on all my guitars now and I couldn't be happier." -Chris Juergensen

Chris Juergensen Official Website >>>

mike detemple

Michael DeTemple (Master guitar builder and guitarist, working and playing with various artists and bands, including: Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pete Townsend, Ron Wood, etc.)

Why Titanium? When it comes to guitars I have been a traditionalist for as long as I can remember. From repairing guitars for Ernie Ball at age 14 to the restoration and upkeep of some of the greatest player's instruments of today, I have always found tradition to be the greatest guideline in determining the best approach to any given problem. For me to decide to use a different saddle metal on a very traditional electric guitar such as a Strat(R), Tele(R) or Les Paul(R) is really a stretch. However, our test results with Titanium have been so impressive that I've changed my mind. And, just as significantly, I use Titanium saddles on my own line of DeTemple '52, '56 and P55 guitars and basses. In addition to my own line I have installed at least 50 sets of Titanium saddles on all sorts of guitars from $100.00 copies to multi-thousand dollar custom shop guitars, and without a doubt they have all benefited greatly with the modification. One of the most amazing transformations occurred on a secondhand, made in Mexico, StratR. Along with Titanium saddles (on the vintage style bridge) I added a set of my SweetSpot Alnico 2 pickups - the result was a guitar that sounded as good as any custom shop instrument you will ever hear. Thank you KTS for your extraordinary innovation. The quality and craftsmanship of your products have raised the bar when it comes to tone." -Michael DeTemple

Michael DeTemple Official Website >>>


Rick Molina (NY session guitarist, recording for Universal Records, Polydor Records/Japan)

"I installed the tremolo bridge PR-11 on my strat and the improvement is dramatic. The clarity of the note fundamental, sustain and tonal stability are so solid that I am hearing the true character of the instrument for the first time! I highly recommend these bridge pieces for anyone who is looking to extend the personality of their instrument past the standard or "stock" sound that regular parts give to the overall sound. Titanium parts distill the sound of any guitar emphasizing the uniqueness of the wood and most importantly, the player's hands."

Ric Molina Official Website >>>

More User Comments...

Ifve owned a 2007 American Standard Stratocaster(R) (2 point tremolo, offset intonation screws) since new and I love her dearly.  Whilst a fine musical instrument straight out of the box, one canft help but desire to tinker about with these gsmall block Chevsh of guitars, in onefs eternal quest for the tone and feel that puts you in the gsweet spoth. After ages of nagging from a fellow Strat(R) freak, telling me my aftermarket block type saddles were sucking the tone out of my guitar, I chose to do a bit of homework, leading me to purchase some KTS vintage Titanium saddles (PR-15).

I can honestly say that of all the upgrades and tweaks Ifve done (nut, pickups, tremolo, locking tuners), these KTS saddles make the single most enhancement of all; by a country mile I might add.  Beautifully engineered and manufactured, a breeze to set up and intonate (and this comes from a guy born with Glaucoma and only has sight in the right eye, lol), the difference and vast improvement was immediate.  Whilst tuning and intonating, she rang like a bell, resonating through the thick towel Ifd laid on my dining table.  The tuner read steady as a rock, and when I held her, she sung right though me, like the whole guitar had opened up its heart so to speak.

Amplified (Hot Rod Deluxe(R) III tweaked), the sound was amazing.  Yes, the mids opened right up, with great definition, chords just chimed in such a musical fashion (and she holds her tune so nicely).  Thatfs the whole thing, my guitar sounds and gfeelsh so incredibly organic and musical, very tuneful, with sustain Ifd never experienced on this weapon, itfs the purest sound Ifve ever known, or should I say owned, lol.  Two weeks on, it just gets better, and I might add that itfs brought something out in me.  Bold claims indeed, but therefs many forum posts out there, as well as the testimonials here, couldnft agree more.  Played live and recording, this guitar absolutely sings as it talks to you, I canft put her down, these KTS saddles have done wonders, the missing link has been found.  KIS saddles will be fitted to my other guitars and I have no reservation in recommending them to all, I already have.

This is certainly a product that does precisely what it claims.  Thanks KTS, you guys are cool. -Darryl Harrison, Kinglake, Victoria, Australia

This is a wonderfully crafted piece of hardware made by someone who takes craftsmanship seriously.  I tried replacing the stock hardware a few times on a 335 that didn't seem like it was living up to its potential.  The KTS tailpiece was one link in the chain that made it feel more substantial, more solid, and more resonant. | Jason, Portland OR

I must say, I was a little skeptical that Ifd really notice much difference.  How wrong I was!  Therefs a marked improvement in sustain and a lovely snap to every note!  Ifm very impressed! - Sean, Singapore

As much as I love Glendale hardware, the cold-rolled steel saddles I had on my Baja Tele (along with a Glendale cold-rolled steel blackguard bridge plate) made the guitar and pickups sound thin, tinny and peaky - and not the best resonant peak in the resonant frequency. So I decided to try KTS Titanium saddles and this Baja went from a Tele that I played for a few minutes and always put down in favor of another one of my Teles to a guitar I can't stop playing! Both the Twisted Tele neck pickup & Broadcaster bridge pickup which I was considering replacing now sound lush; the thinness from before has been replaced by a complexity that is most certainly because of the composition and construction of the saddles. In a word, this guitar now sounds fantastic. Even when I strum it unplugged it has a resonance and complexity of tone it didn't have before. The tonal spectrum is beautifully balanced. Just gorgeous sounding.

After reading all the pro and con arguments about how much saddles effect the tone, dynamics and sustain, I can honestly say that they absolutely make a difference; they are as important a component as the pickups are in altering the sound of a Tele. I'm serious - the difference in the sound of these pickups is night and day since I changed the saddles. Like I said I was about to replace them - now they are staying. The KTS Titanium saddles are also very beautifully constructed. A big thumbs up for KTS. -Andy, New York

Got the saddles today and installed them... Far out, man!!! Harmonic spectrum is very different to the steel saddles and the teflon ones I used which sucked the highs out. Steel was good... titanium is definitely where it is at. I'm getting all sorts of harmonics that I didn't hear before... much more musical.

thanks for helping me decide on these... won't be going back.
-Paul, Sydney Australia


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