Larry Carlton and KTS - Premier Guitar takes a look at Larry's guitars and finds in his main guitar, his 1969 Gibson ES-335 a KTS bridge with titanium saddles. More >>>

PR-01 titanium saddles are pre-assembled on a zinc die-cast bridge. Can be used as a replacement for the original Vintage ABR-1 Bridge.

Price: $92.00

Price: $115.00 (Gold)

PR-06 titanium saddles are pre-assembled on a zinc die-cast bridge. Can be used as a replacement for the original Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge. Also you can use this bridge on some of other manufacturer's guitar which has a Tune-O-Matic Bridge. Please refer to the drawing (cilck on photo), and check the size of your bridge. Chrome and Nickel plated bridge bases are also available, but the saddles are not plated.

Price: $125.00 (Gold)

Price: $110.00 (Nickel)

Our vintage style Ti tremolo arm is made of titanium 6AL-4V Alloy. Its weight and strength will improve your playability and you wn't have to worry as much about breaking it off in the block. US thread and Metric thread are both available.

Price: $48.00 (specify thread when you purchase) Out of Stock


KTS user Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) demonstrates KTS' saddles.



Winter NAMM Show - We will be attending the NAMM show again next year in Anaheim California.  If you are attending, please stop by and say hello. We will be at booth 4860. If you want to set up an appointment, email us.


Ti Trem Block - New batch of trem blocks are ready for sale. Much lighter than standard steel blocks so will vibrate way more plus take some weight off of your guitar. Will fit your Fender, Fender Japan, Gotoh GE101T and GE101TS bridges.Most are already pre-sold so there are only five left so act fast if you want one. Be the first on your block to get a block: $310.00 Out of Stock



Ti Neck plate - Introducing our new KTS Ti neck plate! $75.00. The best looking neckplate available today! Will create a better bond between your body and neck for better tone and vibration.




Great review of KTS' Tele saddles on iheartguitarblog.com:

I installed and intonated my new Telecaster saddles within about 30 minutes. It was as easy as removing the old saddles and screwing the new ones in. Itfs got to be the easiest tone-enhancing mod Ifve ever performed.

So is there a noticeable difference?

You betchya! Although Ifve always loved my Tele for its vibe and solid, woody tone, I certainly didnft love its lack of sustain or detail. Before the upgrade, notes seemed to suddenly swell up after the initial attack, then rapidly fade away. Ifd just learned to live with it, and adjusted my expectations of the guitar accordingly. After the upgrade though, the guitar took on a whole new character. It acquired sharper treble, tighter bass, and a warm, bright upper midrange. More >>>

b David Hinds from the Bounty Hunters demonstrates KTS titanium saddles in this new video.



Sparkling Review for KTS on Analog War Cry - Gear reviewer, Analog War Scream reviews KTS' saddles:

"Every once and when comes along something so simple and direct that it absolutely blows out minds! Discovering KTS was exactly this type of experience. KTS has shown me that sometimes it is the little that make the biggest differences. If you're a sucker for top notch tone lay back and read on. Class is in session... More >>>


Ibanez - Ibanez and KTS have tied up to make the best possible guitars and basses available. Ibanez is now using KTS' titanium neck reinforcements in many of their newest instruments. More at Ibanez >>>


New PR-17 Saddle - KTS is proud to announce our latest product, the block type PR-17 bridge saddle. The new PR-17 fits most Strat type guitar bridges including the current American Standard, PRS, Gotoh GTC101 and many others. With the PR-17 Bridge Saddle, users can expect:

  • Longer sustain
  • Clearer note separation and string-to-string definition
  • Improved harmonic response and touch sensitivity
  • Greater tuning stability
  • Less string breakage

Download the press release here >>>

b Michael Tobias and KTS - Premier bass maker Michael Tobias is using KTS Titanium neck reinforcements in some of his new basses. We caught up with him at the NAMM show to get his opinions on the resonant qualities of titanium.


web KTS Promotion Video - We caught up with session guitarist Chris Juergensen in the studio to test and talk about KTS titanium parts and also about his new guitar made by Devilstone.

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